Patient Management System - DrApps

Patient Management System

Includes patient registration, visit history, vitals, prescription & billing history.

Appointment Mangement - DrApps

Appointment Mangement

Very easy and intuitive way to manage patient appointment and Walk-Ins. Define doctor’s schedule & slot duration and manage appointments in a calendar view.

Doctor Dashboard - DrApps

Doctor Dashboard

Provides list of appointments for the day. Current patient’s medical & visit history. Enter prescription details and vitals for the patient.

Professional Billing - DrApps

Professional Billing

Manage billing items and price list. Billings can be it initiated through appointment calendar or direct billing for individual patient. Can be configured with a printer to generate bills. GST complaint.

Patient Connect - DrApps

Patient Connect

Built in patient connect module for communicating with patients through SMS or email. Doctor or Clinic Admin can send broadcast SMS or email to its registered patients for information, greetings or marketing.

Cloud Based - DrApps

Cloud Based

The entire setup is cloud based. So, no need to worry about server, software installation and internal connectivity. Setting up your clinic will take just 10 mins and you are up & ready to get going!

Patient Search

Patient can be searched based on their URN number, Mobile number & Name. This function is very important while booking an appointment, Billing and updating Patient information.

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Appointment and Billing

On Appointment screen, a calendar view is shown along with the available slots for a particular doctor. There is an option to choose a doctor and accordingly calendar view with available slot is updated. To book an appointment just click on the available slot and enter the details of the patient. If it is a new patient, then option of registration is also available within the same page.

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Doctor Dashboard

Doctor will have a list view of the today’s appointments. By clicking on a patient reason for visit, prescription, history of illness, diagnosis & follow up instruction can be entered by Doctor.
Doctor can view the historical medical records of the patient along with the vital details. Doctor can generate the prescription slip through print option within the dashboard.

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Why DrApps

Electronic Prescription | DrApps
E prescription

Digitally manage Patient’s Prescription. Is always available, whenever you require.

Connect With Patients | DrApps
Patient Connect

A great way to keep in touch with your patients through SMS and emails. Send Greeting, Information or a Campaign.

Queue Management | DrApps
Queue Management

Manage patient queue with ease. It is just drag and drop to efficiently manage the appointments, walk-ins, cancellation & no turn-ups.

You are only 2 mins away from Managing your Clinic efficiently.

Mobile Clinic Management App | Drapps

Mobile Based Clinic Management System Coming Soon...